SNAP Trading & Industry Plc. is one of the best private companies in Ethiopia. It is engaged in:

  - import and distribution of computers and accessories trading business

  - export of pulses and spices like sesame seed to Middle Eastern and other countries

  - hotel development

  - and others in the pipeline

We are developing dedicated websites for each business unit and would be launched as soon as completed. 

Until then, Contact Us Using the Following Addresses:

         - for hotel project   
                email               hotelproject@snapeth.com 
                tel                  +251-91-1224444/+251-1-6623040/41 (Ex 23)
                fax                 +251-11-6634176
                office address   2nd Building from Bole Medhanialem Tele 
                                      (From Bole Medhanialem toward Atlas Road)

- for computers and accessories 

        email                negussie@snapeth.com 
        tel                   +251-11-6465121,22
        fax                  +251-11-6465120
        office address    Haile & Alem Bldg, Mezzanine Floor 

- for pulses and spices trading section

        email                mohammed@veerplc.com 
        tel                   +251-11-6634173
        fax                  +251-11-6634176
        office address    DH Geda Bldg, 8th Floor, Room # 03

       Under Construction (July 2012)                                        Finished Look